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Where Olde Meets New

The mortar between the bricks, the creaky mahogany floorboards, the chimney and mantle…every detail of the home matters. They make up what lends itself to a charming, cozy and hearty home. That is why the builders of Adams & Adams Construction have turned 30 years of hard-earned experience in the industry to do renovations right the first time, preserving our built heritage.

With a focus on renovation and historic preservation, the artisan builders of Adams & Adams take something old and not square and transform it into something square, seamless and timeless. They marry the past with the present by providing historic preservation through modern renovation.

2021 Griffin Award Winner

“We are very pleased with how the stairs have turned out. I will not have any problem recommending you and your crew to our friends.”

– G.V.

“Thank you so much for our beautiful porch! We look forward to having you do some more work  for us in the future”

– C.L.

“Gus and his employees have provided professional and dependable service on a consistent basis.  Their expertise in the construction industry and attention to project details is superior.”

– A.G.

“The staff at Adams and Adams Construction has consistently provided a dedicated, professional  work ethic with all parties involved in each project. They are knowledgeable in all areas of  construction and their expertise in the field of construction is evident in each of their completed  projects.”

– B.J.



Joined At the hip: Restoring Historic Hardware
Join Gus from Adams and Adams in the latest episode of Joined at the Hip where he tackles the challenge of restoring a two-panel door that has been painted over. Gus takes us through the process step by step, starting with removing the slotted screws from the hinges that have been...
The Greenest Home is the One That is Already Built
Sustainability through historic preservation Several historic homes have been demolished in Asheville recently. Residents have expressed concern, even outrage at this practice of tearing down the old to build new. At Adams & Adams, we subscribe to the philosophy of Architect Carl Elefante who is the Director of Sustainable Design at Quinn Evans Architects in […]
JOINED AT THE HIP: Letting Your Old House Tell It’s Story
An upgrade on a historic carriage house in Asheville View our latest installment of “Joined at the Hip” to learn how we updated a historic carriage house while preserving the integrity of its story and its’ history in the both the masonry work and the spiral staircase which we are able to leave intact.
The historic dimension series – Historic rehabilitation in 3d
A student publication series by the UNCG Department of Interior Architecture Enter the 3rd Dimension with 3D printing By J.G. Adams, IV If you have ever worked on a historic rehabilitation project you know that sourcing damaged components can prove quite difficult and time consuming. The missing or damaged baseboard or crown molding has not […]
The Historic dimension series – the case for saving historic movie theaters
PART OF THE UNCG DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE HISTORIC DIMENSION SERIES If You Tear It Down, Did It Exist? by Katie Adams Film has brought relief to the masses during the Great Depression, world wars, and even a pandemic. Film has done far more than influence fashion but also is believed to influence emotion and […]
The Historic Dimension Series: Historic Aluminum Windows – FOILING THE MYTH
 by J. G. Adams, IV  Most people’s first thought of aluminum windows is that they are not worth saving. This mimics the same argument that was heard about the historic wood windows we work so hard to preserve today. Aluminum windows are the new historic windows and are just as much worth the effort to […]