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Where Olde Meets New

The mortar between the bricks, the creaky mahogany floorboards, the chimney and mantle…every detail of the home matters. They make up what lends itself to a charming, cozy and hearty home. That is why the builders of Adams & Adams Construction have turned 30 years of hard-earned experience in the industry to do renovations right the first time.

With a focus on renovation and historic preservation, the artisan builders of Adams & Adams take something old and not square and transform it into something square, seamless and timeless. They marry the past with the present by providing historic preservation through modern renovation.

2021 Griffin Award Winner

“We are very pleased with how the stairs have turned out. I will not have any problem recommending you and your crew to our friends.”

– G.V.

“Thank you so much for our beautiful porch! We look forward to having you do some more work  for us in the future”

– C.L.

“Gus and his employees have provided professional and dependable service on a consistent basis.  Their expertise in the construction industry and attention to project details is superior.”

– A.G.

“The staff at Adams and Adams Construction has consistently provided a dedicated, professional  work ethic with all parties involved in each project. They are knowledgeable in all areas of  construction and their expertise in the field of construction is evident in each of their completed  projects.”

– B.J.



Smyre-Pasour House
What a dream it was to tour the historic Smyre-Pasour house in Dallas, North Carolina. The home is circa 1847 and is a wonderful and rare example of antebellum Greek Revival architecture. The house is in need of a total restoration, but it is undeniably beautiful. This is a gem to polish, not demolish! We […]
What a strange time we are living in. Gus and I are usually so busy that when I view our appointment calendar it stresses me out. These days I am finding our schedule to be rapidly freeing up and we have been, gulp, staying home. We are happy to stay home to keep us and […]
We live to travel and our most recent excursion took us to Japan. The adventure started in Tokyo where we were met with the most spectacular mix of old and new. Old traditional culture and dress juxtaposed against futuristic technology. Tokyo is as fast moving of a city as you can imagine. But just as […]
Field Methods of Preservation Technology: A Summer Experience of a Lifetime
While most people enjoy a summertime filled with beach trips or traveling the world, we chose a different route. We love learning new things, so once Gus and I found an opportunity that allowed us to expand our knowledge, we could not hesitate! This was Three Weeks of Field Methods in Preservation Technology, or as […]
Joined At The Hip: Volume 1
Repairing Cracked Floor Joists With Gus & Katie Adams – Adams & Adams Construction Adams and Adams, fine home renovations and historic preservation, based in Asheville, NC presents Joined at the Hip; Tips for preserving your historic home. Volume 1: Repairing Cracked Floor Joists. In this video, we overview our work to repair some cracked […]