Albemarle Park 1912 Colonial Revival

A few of the highlights that the Adams and Adams Construction team completed to bring the house back to its original glory:
Deconstructed entire kitchen to repair wood rot due to water damage and unleveled framing.

Rerouted plumbing from the kitchen to the addition of a second bathroom upstairs.

Replaced a number of more modern six panel doors and louvered doors with matching salvaged period doors. Converted a 6 panel door into double swing doors for ease in navigating the space.

In remodeling the new master bath, we closed off 2 of the 3 windows in the room but kept the framing in place so that from outside the house all three windows appear like the originals.

Resurfaced the original bathtub in the master bath.

Replaced broken window glass with glass salvaged from old windows.

Added an antique corner sink to the powder room that was recovered and dug out of the ground from a junk yard.

Replaced historically inaccurate light fixtures with newly-wired antique light fixtures, and commissioned local artisans to create hand blown glass globes to match the antique chandelier globes. Newly rewired antique light fixtures were installed throughout the house to add to the historic presence of the home.

Replaced light switches and covers with antique push button brass switch covers, all to match an original switch by the front door, and replaced historically inaccurate door knobs with antique doorknobs where needed.

Sleeping porch was upfitted to an ensuite master bath.

Commissioned a local art conservator to repair and restore wildlife mural located in the dining room.

Returned a window and door in kitchen to their original placement.

Custom milled the exterior siding to match original siding.

Local artisans handmade period style Gingko tiles for the kitchen and tiles in the bath to maintain consistency.

Collaborated w/ local crafts firm to create a custom cabinet piece for the Kitchen to disguise new plumbing and infrastructure to master bath.

Custom designed and built period style kitchen cabinets to replace a 1980’s kitchen renovation.

Upgraded the HVAC, on-demand hot water heater and aero barrier to make the home more energy efficient.

Converted an old porch that had once been turned into a bathroom, into a laundry room. Entire room needed to be deconstructed down to the framing, removed the concrete to install proper size drain line for high efficiency washer, and removed and replaced extremely dangerous faulty wiring.

Custom milled all baseboard and window and door trim in house to match original throughout house.

Removed faux beams and built-ins that were not original to home in den and added a period style door leading to patio.

Salvaged the original kitchen flooring and reused throughout the house.

Consulted with the niece of Sallie Ellington Middleton (renowned wildlife artist), who grew up in the home to reconstruct original blue print and lay out of the house, and gave her all the remaining materials salvaged from the home that were not reused.