Ingleside Carriage House

Built in 1924, the Ingleside Carriage House on Sunset Mountain was originally designed to house the chauffeur, automobile, and horses for the adjacent Ingleside Manor. However, after years of vandalism and neglect, the stately main manor was demolished, leaving behind only the carriage house that had been turned into a living space over the years. Adams & Adams was hired by the new owners to rehabilitate the Ingleside Carriage House and bring back the glamour that the name Ingleside was once synonymous with. 

Unfortunately, the home was structurally unstable and posed safety hazards due to faulty wiring, plumbing, and extensive water infiltration issues. To address these concerns, the existing uneven concrete slab floors were removed and re-poured to modern building standards, non-load bearing walls were removed, and historic reproduction push button light switches were added to the renovated wiring system. In addition, a new mini-split system was installed for energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. To prevent water infiltration, new gutters, downspouts, drain boxes, and underground drain lines were installed. 

The upstairs flooring system was left unsupported when a previous homeowner simply cut the rafters to install the spiral staircase without adding any additional support to the upstairs flooring system. The weight of the suspended floor caused a heavy sag. Installing the new custom spiral staircase in a more functional location meant ensuring proper support was in place. We added structural support with steel girders, LVL’s and posts with all point loads leading to thickened slab footers to ensure the stability of the staircase. With the new and improved staircase installation, the upstairs quarters are now fully supported and structurally sound.

The walls are now solid, shored up and no longer allowing wildlife to find their way in while the interior brick lets the walls tell their story by showing where there were once holes that served various purposes over the life of the home. 

With their vision fully realized, the Ingleside Carriage House will proudly stand for another century on Sunset Mountain.